We are the parent advice

What we do

The Parent Advice are a professional advice line offering tailored support specifically for your child arrangement concerns through a variety of options.

Our advisors are flexible and will call you at a time which is convenient for you and will ensure that they are familiar with your families background information prior to the phone call to save you time.

We provide you with up to date, professional advice from a wealth of practical experience. This will help you consider your options and decide on the best, child centred, way forward for your family.


where can we help you

Our services

Our main service is a telephone call with an experienced advisor to provide advice and support on the issues you are facing. The calls are well planned and structured which will allow time to cover the aspects which are most important to you. This will include your background, current situation, what you are expecting from the call and the tailor made advice we provide. Following the call, the advice is written in a document and emailed to you for your reference. The document is detailed with what was discussed on the telephone call and the advice is summarised.

The second service we offer is supporting you with writing personal statements and position statements to the family court. The Parent Advice are able to provide you with a private link to an online document editor where you and the advisor are both able to write and edit the document remotely together, while on the telephone. The statement is yours and you are to write it, we are there to support you with how to word it correctly and use a structured court template.

If you require any support in choosing which package would be best suited to your needs, please send us a message through the contact page and we will be in touch.

How we have helped others

Customer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it.. Read the views from some of our valued customers who have used The Parent Advice. Their names have been changed for GDPR reasons.

I was having problems seeing my grandchildren as my relationship with my son and my daughter in law broke down. After having a call with Sarah, I was able to understand my situation better and now we are trying mediation to work out how I can see my grandchildren.



My ex had stopped me seeing my son and I could not afford solicitors. I had a call with someone at The Parent Advice and talked through my options. I was able to see what my options were and could understand the court system better.



I was seeing my children, however, their mother was making it difficult for me and she was turning the children against me. After a two hour call i was able to talk through the situation and knew what i had to do next. I was also told of good services i could use in my area to provide me with support.



I wanted my ex-husband to spend more time with the children however, he was being difficult and it was impacting my children. I called The Parent Advice to see what my options were and I was able to speak to someone really quickly. The call was really helpful and got me to think differently about my situation and how to help my children.